Intensive In home counseling

What We Do

Kidz Can Corporation serves children and families in  Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth, Union, Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren Counties. Our services are primarily for children between the ages of 5 and 21 years old.  Our program provides intensive interventions to families in their homes and offers a range of clinical and supportive services. This is done in order to prevent residential placement, family disruptions, or to assist families in the transition when a child is returning from a residential placement. The intent of this service is to provide the clinical intervention and support necessary to successfully maintain each child in his or her home or community. The goal is to provide a degree of clinical care and supervision in the home and community setting that is appropriate to children discharged from a more restrictive setting (e.g., residential, psychiatric hospitalization), or as an alternative to a more restrictive setting. All treatment, care and support services must be provided in a context that is child-centered, family-focused, strength-based, culturally-competent and responsive to each child’s psychosocial, developmental, and treatment care needs. We offer bilingual counselors to help provide the most optimal care possible to our families. Services are designed to be high access, intensive, and short term. We focus on current crisis's, by helping families create effective strategies to cope with problems and stresses, and link families to the appropriate clinical and support aftercare services that will play an integral role in their continuing stabilization. We partner with county-based care management organizations to offer free counseling to youth enrolled in the New Jersey Medicaid Program. Services provided under New Jersey Medicaid are Intensive In-Community Counseling (IIC). Kidz Can Corporation has contracts with the State of New Jersey Child Behavior Health and county-based Care Management Organizations (CMO) to provide evidence-based interventions to youth and families enrolled in the New Jersey System of care. The goals of services are: to stabilize the service recipient, prevent the need for a higher level of care and support or improve functioning in vocational, educational, and social domains.